What materials are used for memorial stones?

Granite is the most common stone used for memorial stones today. It is extremely durable, available in a variety of colours and finishes, and has proven itself in the Chinese climate. Due to its wide availability, granite is also more affordable and is one of the cheapest options for memorial stones.
Limestone remains a popular option in China because of its connection to Celtic crosses. It is a traditional Chinese stone, but it does not age well and can degrade over time if not maintained regularly. Limestone is not as durable as marble or granite. The soft material makes it vulnerable to the Irish climate, road pollution and environmental degradation.
Marble is a shiny material that contains unique blue and grey veins. It is often chosen for aesthetic reasons. However, it is less common in Chinese cemeteries, mainly because it does not weather well.

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Animal carved symbol

• The lamb symbolizes innocence, meekness and sacrifice and is used on children’s tombstones. The lamb tombstone in our ‘cemetery’ is in Forest Hill Cemetery. The lamb may stand alone or be carved into the stone.

• Birds symbolize the soul. A flying bird symbolizes the flight of the soul back to God.

• Some people include a statue or carving of a favorite pet or some other animal they care about.

Cremation options

Place a flat stone for the loved one, personalized and adapted.
Buy a bundle so that your loved one can erect a vertical memorial of any kind (multi-room, monolith, tablet, boulder, bench, etc.).

Interment in an individual cremation memorial – Cremation remains are interred in the personalized stone rather than in the ground.

Interment in a communal columbarium – Ashes are usually interred in a large wall in a cemetery in which you purchase a concession. They can be indoors or outdoors.

Scattering in a Cremation Garden – Cremation remains are scattered around a designated section of a cemetery or other designated area where they can be the subject of many commemoration options.

Cremation remains are scattered at sea or in a place that was special for the person. Commemoration options include:
Install a memorial at home (benches, urns, etc.)
Donate a bench, birdbath, sundial, etc. at a public place in memory of the loved one.
Make a bronze or granite plaque that can be displayed in memory of your loved one.
Whatever your decision, one of the biggest advantages of cremation over full body burial is that you can take your time to decide.

The Artistic Features of Hui’an Stone Carving

In the history of continuous advancement, Hui’an stone carving not only embodies the traditional culture of Hui’an, but also integrates various disciplines to show its profound cultural connotation and artistic characteristics. Therefore, in order to solve the modern society, the emergence of the artistic modeling of Hui’an stone carving It is necessary to understand the artistic characteristics of Huian stone carvings.

Hui’an stone carving has a variety of forms, reflecting the people’s thoughts, culture, religion and other aspects at the time. From its modeling style, it can be seen that Hui’an stone carving has a certain tolerance and compatibility with other types of stone carvings. At present, The unearthed or discovered Hui’an stone carvings mostly reflect ancient feudal ideas and are mostly used in architecture, such as bridges and tombs. After the reform and opening up, stone carving artists have a broader vision, and the stone carvings carved are not only similar to those For the etiquette or public landscapes of the beautified dragon pillars, colorful decorative patterns gradually appeared, and these colorful decorative patterns reflected the cultural characteristics of the time; and the distinctive modeling features are also one of the main features of Hui’an stone carvings. The appearance of the “Southern Lion” has once again raised the status of Hui’an stone carvings. “Crying lion”, “Liaoning Dragon”, “Laughing Phoenix” and “Shadow Sculpture” are all important artistic features of Hui’an stone carvings, reflecting the art. The characteristics of comical, exaggerated, graceful, and realistic.

How many different styles of tombstones do you know?

Tombstones in the market today are basically stone-carved tombstones, because stone tombstones are preserved longer than wooden tombstones and are more conducive to future generations. The stone is not easy to fade, has high hardness and good gloss. It can clearly engrave the deceased’s information on the tablet, so that future generations can understand all the information in front of Mr. Zu at a glance. So, how much do you know about the style of the tombstone?

The composition and structure of traditional tombstones are complex, including the top of the monument, the main monument, the pillars, the cover, the base, the railings, the steps, and many other different parts. As a result, the tombstone needs to be divided into more parts for processing, and then it is necessary to ensure that each part is The processing and production are successfully completed to synthesize a complete tombstone, which invisibly increases the cumbersomeness of the tombstone manufacturing process, but the effect presented is also corresponding. Auspicious traditional elements will be incorporated into the corresponding parts to enhance the layout and beauty of the entire tombstone. .

wholesale tombstones

Small artistic tombstones pursue compactness and exquisiteness, combining carving craftsmanship and art perfectly, and can often become a beautiful landscape in the cemetery. The style of artistic tombstones is different from the complex stereotypes of traditional tombstones in the past. It pays more attention to artistic texture in modeling and carving. It is not only a memorial burial place for the deceased, but also a part of the landscape of the Humanities Park. Nowadays, small artistic tombstones are welcomed by major cemeteries and cemeteries, and the public’s acceptance of them is also very high. The people-oriented tombstone art style has become the main direction of future funerals.

Good PRICE Peal blue Simple monuments

The above are the more popular tombstone styles. Through different tombstone styles, a set of tombstones that meet the needs of the deceased have been carefully selected and customized tombstone, incorporating the deceased’s personalized preferences and life experience, and interpreting the unique humanistic feelings. And commemorative meaning, it has become a sustenance for people to remember and mourn the deceased.

The better stone for tombstone

Common stones on the market generally include marble, bluestone, granite and so on. Granite is not easy to be eroded and weathered. It is stable and suitable for long-term outdoor placement. Therefore, the stone of the tombstone is generally made of granite. Chinese granite is generally divided into sesame black, Shanxi black, sesame white, and some imported Indian red.

Shanxi Black is one of the most common tombstone stones, and it is also the most used stone. Its color is relatively pure, the texture is fine, the gloss is high, and it contains no impurities. It is a kind of fine granite stone. Tombstones made of Shanxi Black Stone are often gentle and graceful, and they are generous in temperament. Adding shadow carving and line carving and other carving decorations can increase the artistic aesthetic effect of the tombstone, thus highlighting the solemn and solemn atmosphere.

Sesame black stone, also known as G654, is also a stone commonly used in carving tombstones. Sesame black has a different flower pattern, which is divided into coarse flower, medium flower and fine flower. The application of these flower types lies in the position of the tombstone. The main stele board is usually selected fine-flowered sesame black stone, which is highly ground. The light sesame black stone is particularly beautiful in color, which is very suitable for carving crafts such as line carving, relief carving, and round carving, which can make the tombstone full of solemn visual effects.

Indian Red is an imported granite stone. Its stone structure is dense, resistant to wind and sunlight, and not easy to change color. The red stone background has irregular small patterns, which is a natural decoration. Relief decoration on the Indian red tombstone stone can make the carved patterns glow with life and make the tombstone show its gorgeous temperament.

What kind of stone is good for the tombstone, there is no good or bad stone here, as long as it can meet the requirements of customers, it is a good stone. In the choice of tombstone stone, more attention should be paid to the cultural significance and artistic effect expressed by its color and material. If the carving technique is not good, even if you give you a valuable stone to carve the tombstone, it will be futile. This is why most people are willing to choose custom tombstones from Chinese tombstone manufacturers.

The use of stone fountain

The stone fountain can also be called water enamel, water bowl or stone fountain. The size can be customized according to the design requirements, and the styles are rich and diverse.

The water bowl not only has the characteristics of hard, abrasion-resistant, and heavy-weight natural stone, it is even more rare that its surface texture and strong plasticity and expressiveness can make it show a variety of different artistic styles. Its natural decorative effects and artistic connotations in architecture and decorative spaces are unmatched by other decorative materials.

The artistic texture is more natural and simple, and it is truly healthy and environmentally friendly, adding the finishing touch to your luxurious home villas, gardens, entertainment venues, hotels and environmental art.

stone fountain
stone fountain

Common materials for stone fountains

1. Sandstone water bowl: simple and elegant, with natural stone, hard texture, wear-resistant, and very heavy. What is more rare is its surface texture, strong plasticity and expressiveness, which brings exquisite texture and nobleness. A sense of vision, perfectly showing today’s fashion elements;

2. Granite water bowl: granite has uniform structure, hard texture and beautiful color;

3. Marble water bowl: The marble slabs are colorful, diverse in color, and have different patterns. This is where the precious charm of marble slabs lies. Basically the same color tone, small color difference, and beautiful patterns are the specific manifestations of good varieties.

The shape of the stone fountain

The shapes of the water bowls are diversified. There are animal-carved water bowls and characters-carved water bowls. They are round, semicircular, square, polygonal, etc. The facade can be divided into single layer, multiple layers, etc. The basis of the design is to match the environmental characteristics of the application site.

Red Color Fountain with Figure Sculpture
Red Color Fountain with Figure Sculpture
Yellow color Marble Ball Fountain for Outdoor
Yellow color Marble Ball Fountain for Outdoor
Simple Ball Shape Marble Fountain
Simple Ball Shape Marble Fountain


The water bowl with the characteristics of garden landscape, it is a sculpture art completed by using modern crafts and modern materials through clay molding, reworking the mold, and then producing and finishing several processes. It has the hardness of natural stone, is waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, and non-radioactive. Its strong surface texture is like weathered natural granite; simple and natural colors with subtle light and shade changes; solemn, elegant, and unique charm.

What kinds of materials can be used for stone sculptures

Material classification of stone sculptures:

Granite: Granite is hard in texture and hard to be corroded by acid, alkali or weathering. It is often used as a material for sculptures and buildings.

Marble: Marble has a soft, beautiful and solemn texture and elegant style. It is an ideal material for decorating luxurious buildings and is not suitable for outdoor exhibition.

Sandstone: Sandstone is composed of debris and interstitial materials. The composition of the debris is mainly quartz. As the sculpture material, sandstone must have chemical substances as the medium.

Wrought copper: Because copper is easily oxidized, there are more indoor exhibitions than outdoors. Because of its lightness, wrought copper is suitable as a raw material for embossing.

Copper casting: Copper casting has a very long history and mature technology. But it is easy to oxidize, so pay more attention to maintenance.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel requires the sculpture itself to be concise and elegant, with obvious shape, strong light and shadow effects, and greater color selection.

FRP: Glass is hard and fragile, has good transparency, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.; therefore, it has a wide range of uses. As a sculpture material, FRP has practicality.

Four points to know when buying stone sculptures and statues

Four points to know when buying stone sculptures and statues

1. It depends on the stone of the stone elephant. The price of the stone elephant of Sichuan white marble is relatively high. This refers to the first-class Sichuan white marble. The ordinary Sichuan white marble is too variegated, and some are processed Sichuan white marble. You need to observe carefully when buying Sichuan white marble. The general material of granite stone elephants is no problem. Other materials include bluestone stone sculptures. The price of stone sculptures of this material is not high. Xiayu stone sculptures look good, and the price is not too high.

2. The price of stone elephants depends on the carving craftsmanship of the stone elephants

3. It depends on whether the shape of the stone sculpture is mighty.

4. It depends on the eyes of the stone carved stone statues. The charming stone statues are the ones that have to be collected.

Simple Structure Granite Elephant sculpture for decoration